The TOGS Easter Junior Tennis Tournament served off on Saturday with exciting matches from the 10 & under athletes as they took to the courts to showcase their skills in exciting matches. Acers Tennis Academy, Blanchard's Coaching Academy and Total Tennis Club hosted a week long camp to prepare their students for this event.

In the Orange ball category the first round matches were very competitive as we saw Peter Murray snatch victory against Soren Claiemont in three sets. Clairmont being very reserved player breezed his way in the first set 10-5, Murray quickly claimed the second set 10-3. The third set could have gone either way with Charles leading at the start of the set. Murray fought back from 2-7 to win the match 10-10 in the third.

Kyle Francois made it all the way to the semi-final dismissing Josh Gillard 10-5 10-7 and Nathan Remy 10-6 10-5. He lost in the semis to Andretti George in straight sets 10-8 12-10. Andretti George also defeated Peter Murray 10 straight sets 10-5 10-3. He then lost to Soren Clairmont in straight sets 10-5 10-6.

It all came down to the semifinal with Josh Gillard being defeated by Soren Clairmont in straight sets to play Andretti George in the final of the boys Orange Ball. George defeated by Clairmont earlier that day was quite timid at first as he was down at the beginning of the set. The feeling began to change as he fought and started leading Cclairmont. George went on to win in straight sets against Clairmont 12-10 10-5.


On the other side the girls were more determined as their draw was really tough, first on court Anaiah Bousquet defeated Brianna Jn. Baptiste in three sets. Jn. Baptiste won the first set easily frustrating Bousquet with the lead of 10-6. Bousquet was able to keep it together securing the second set 11-9. The third set was a marathon with long rallies and intercepting volleys at the net by Bousquet. Bousquet secured the last set 10-3. Bousquet also went on to defeat Amia Jn. Marie in straight sets 10-5 11-13 10-3. There was a major upset in the match with Rene where Bousquet lost 10-5 10-2.

Brianna Jn. Baptiste defeated Amia Jn. Marie in straight three sets 12-10 9-11 10-3. She also defeated Rene in straights in straight sets 10-510-2.

Overall the champion of the boys was Andretti George finalist Soren Clairmont. The girls champion is Anaiah Bousquet and finalist Brianna Jn. Baptiste.