All the coaches at the National Tennis Centre are trained and certified ITF Coaches who offer training to all levels, ages and abilities. There are five coaches at the NTC one female and four males. 

They are Ms. Scyla Murray, Mr. Vernon Lewis, Mr. Ron Blanchard, Mr Dean White and Mr. Ricardo Francois.



The mens' champion of St. Lucia for many years and the former recipient of the Davis Cup Hall of Fame award for participation is responsible for working with our junior and senior players island wide. Coach Vernon is very passionate about the sport of tennis and supports all initiatives at bringing tennis to all in St. Lucia. 

He works with juniors from beginners, intermediates and advance players teaching tennis tactically and technically. Coach Lewis has worked with players like Aidan Bousquet, Maxx William former top ranked players in the region. His teaching contributes significantly to tennis in St. Lucia especially to the development of our juniors preparing them for regional and international competition. 

CONTACT DETAILS: 1 758 721 5150



Coach Scyla works specifically with beginners from 4 to 12 years old. She uses the transition balls for all players in her academy/classes. Her passion for the game of tennis and developing the sport island wide has enabled her to form her own academy where she coaches kids for free in her community. Just like all other coaches at the tennis centre she gives back in the School Tennis Initiative Program where coaching is free of charge. 

She is the Captain of the National 12 and 14 & Under Team touring the region with the players to participate in the international and regional tournaments. She is also a fitness coach and focuses  on strength conditioning for her players. 

CONTACT: 1 758 286 2171




Being the only level 2 coach in St. Lucia Coach Ron is a very tactical Coach who understands the game of tennis and is able to 

 He teaches all levels and age groups at the National Tennis Centre and the Barclays Court. He teaches with the transition balls moving to the elites. Coach Ron gives back to the sport every chance he gets assisting with the Grassroots Program and the School Tennis Initiative Program where he goes to the schools, currently he is the Coach for the Fond Assau Primary School and the Grande Riviere Primary School. 

He works with the National Teams and Captains the 12 & Under boys teams touring with them playing regional tournaments. He is a very dedicated coach and works for the development of tennis in St. Lucia. 

CONTACT 1 758 285 9794



With his amazing personality Coach Dean is able to work with babies, tots and beginners allowing them to adapt to training, being coached in a fun learning environment. He also works as a Physical Education Teacher which is why he relates to the juniors very well. 

He does high performance training with some of our elite players in the field of strength conditioning and fitness. He stresses on proper dieting for upcoming athletes and seizes every opportunity he gets to educate our juniors on that topic. 

Coach Dean gives back immensely to the grassroots programs at the NTC and personally contributes to players upkeep, meals and funds equipment for some.   He is certified in every way to work with all level of players from beginners to elite and does a fantastic job every time he is on court. 

CONTACT: 1 758 715 3674


Dedication is what we look for in our coaches, to the sport and to activities especially at the National Tennis Centre. The most passionate coach in the STI and grassroots program is Coach Ricardo doing outreach, resident and development coaching. Coach Ricardo basically spearheads the STI Program giving more than coaching but also resources, equipment and time to the program. 

He coaches beginner players setting a perfect foundation for them in a fun active environment. He makes learning fun for everyone. He conducts classes for adults, elite juniors and recreational tennis for persons who just want to take a knock. Coach Ricardo is always available and for and has very flexible schedules. 

CONTACT: 1 758 725 8814