The St. Lucia Tennis Association recognizes the importance of revitalizing tennis within our nation and providing opportunities for both junior and senior athletes to excel on the international stage. With a rich history in the Davis Cup competition, St. Lucia is poised to make a triumphant return to this prestigious event, showcasing our talent and commitment to the sport.

BACKGROUND St. Lucia has a notable history in the Davis Cup, with our last participation occurring in 2006. During that time, our team exhibited commendable performance, demonstrating the potential for future success on the international tennis circuit. Now, with a new generation of enthusiastic junior players emerging, the time is ripe to rekindle our involvement in this esteemed tournament.

OBJECTIVES Revive Tennis Interest- By re-entering the Davis Cup competition, we aim to reignite interest in tennis within St. Lucia, inspiring both current and aspiring athletes to pursue excellence in the sport.

Provide Opportunities- Our priority is to provide senior athletes with the platform to showcase their skills and represent our nation on an international level, fostering growth and development within the sport.

Set Aspirational Goals- Through participation in the Davis Cup, we seek to set aspirational goals for our junior players, motivating them to strive for excellence and aspire to compete at the highest level of the sport.

Strategy, Team Development- We will assemble a dedicated team of senior athletes who possess the skill, determination, and passion to compete in Davis Cup. This team will undergo rigorous training and preparation to ensure they are well-equipped to perform at their best.

TOURNAMENT PREPARATION Our team will compete in regional qualifiers, starting from the group stage, with the ultimate goal of advancing to the next stage of the competition.

We will employ strategic planning and analysis to maximize our chances of success in each match.

Community Engagement: We will actively engage with the local tennis community, encouraging support and participation in our journey towards Davis Cup glory. Through outreach programs and promotional events, we will generate excitement and momentum leading up to the competition.


Sporting Success- By re-entering the Davis Cup, we anticipate achieving notable success on the international stage, showcasing the talent and potential of St. Lucian tennis players.

Inspiration and Aspiration- Our participation in the Davis Cup will serve as a source of inspiration for junior athletes, motivating them to pursue their dreams and strive for excellence in the sport.3.

Tennis Development-Through increased exposure and participation in elite-level competition, we anticipate a surge in interest and participation in tennis across St. Lucia, laying the foundation for long-term growth and development within the sport.

The St. Lucia Tennis Association is committed to the revitalization of tennis within our nation, and our return to the Davis Cup competition represents a significant milestone in this journey. With a talented team of senior athletes and a promising generation of junior players, we are poised to make our mark on the international tennis scene, bringing pride and recognition to St. Lucia. We invite all stakeholders to join us in this exciting endeavor as we embark on a new chapter in St. Lucian tennis history.