More action from the National Tennis Centre as they move into day 2 of competition.  

The Christmas Tennis Tournament continues with remarkable performances and much entertainment by the athletes who continue to give their best on court to claim the championship trophies.

In today's matches we had a major upset from the boys 10s, Kimari Felix defeated Tahj Goodman 1-4 4-1 13-11. Shortly after, Daniel Collymore came off court with a proud smile after defeating Armani Rosemond 1-4 4-0 10-5.

More from the boys 10s, Tahj Goodman defeated Riley Smith 4-2 5-3. Aayush Sharma defeated Immanuel Charles 4-4(7-2) 4-1 and Jelani Flermius eased his way to the next round, defeating Riley Smith 4-1 4-0.

In the girls 10s Samuella Bertrand defeated Merkisha Justin 4-2 4-2. Merkisha Justin defeated Joelle Habib 4-1 4-2.

As we move on to the girls 14s - Amara JnMarie was a force to reckon with, defeating the top seed Jaelyn Henry in straight sets 5-4 4-2.

Amia JnMarie also defeated Annakie Arlette in a whopping straight sets 4-1 4-1.

The other girls 14s match included Anaiah Bousquet defeating Amara JnMarie in under two hours, 4-2 0-4 4-2.

The boys 14s saw Denney Estava having a quick finish with Aiden Rosemond, claiming the match 4-0 4-0.

Sanjay Lake defeated the number two seed Ishaan Sharma, 5-3 4-2.

Early morning upset for the number two seed in the womens draw Iesha Emile, who was defeated by Iyana Paul, 7-5 6-2. Iyana remains undefeated throughout the tournament.

Mens Open, Thaddeus Emile defeated Ricardo Francois 6-0 6-2.

The Christmas Tennis Tournament will continue on the 15th January from 9:00am at the National Tennis Centre in Beausejour with semifinals and final matches. We hope to see you there.