The National Tennis Centre came to life today with exciting first round matches at the  Independence Tennis Tournament. In the orange ball under 10s category Jordyn Bishamber of the Acers Tennis Academy got the best of Armani Rosemond of the VL Tennis Academy 4-0, Nathan Remy defeated Christian Sidonie 5-3, Kyle Michel-Francois defeated Abbazeke Jules 4-1. Later on in the orange ball Nathan Remy also defeated Reggie Weeks 5-3, Andretti George defeated Samuella Bertrand 4-0 and Samuella Bertrand went on to defeat Noah Nicholas 4-0. In the green ball  under 10s category, Alhil Cyril promising junior athlete of the Exel Tennis Academy in St. Vincent got the best of Kyle Michel-Francois 6-0, he then went on to defeat Jaelyn Henry from Blanchard's Tennis Academy 6-3. In other green ball under 10s matches played Mathew George defeated Sanjay Lake 6-2, Jaelyn Henry defeated Andretti George 6-4 and Amia Jn Marie defeated Sanjay Lake 6-2. 

In the 12 & under category Peter Murray defeated Alexandre Chueca in straight sets 4-1 4-2.

 Alysa Elliott VL Tennis Academy got the best of Alejandra Charles Tigers Inflow Tennis Academy in straight sets 4-0 4-0, Elliott also went on to defeat Amara Jn Marie in straight sets 4-0 4-0 in the girls 14s category. In other 14s matches played Renee Morgan defeated Ebony Nicholas 4-0 4-1, Amelia Rosemond defeated Ebony Nicholas in straight sets 4-0 4-1, Rosemond also went on to defeat Renee Morgan in straight sets 4-0 4-1, Latoya Murray defeated Eridania McVane in straight sets 4-0 4-0. On the boys side Jaidyn Mathew took on Xhan Riviere defeating him in straight sets 4-0 4-1, Jonas Sylvester also defeated Xhan Riviere in straight sets 4-0 4-1. 

The girls 16s took to the courts later in the day with Jeanik Blanchard getting the best of Lindy Amdee in straight sets 5-3 4-2, Iyana Paul returned the favor defeating Blanchard in straight sets 4-0 4-1. 

The 18 and under senior players had some competitive matches with Jorja Mederick defeating Nadjema Morille in straight sets 4-0 4-0, the final results does not speak to Morille's performance as she had some remarkable shots on Mederick, but Mederick being the adept player that she is was able to always defend and converted to games quickly. Aviona Edmund after falling in the first set 2-4 to Iyana Paul was able to make her come back today defeating Paul in three sets 2-4 4-2 4-2. Edmund went on to defeat Jace Leon in straight sets. 

On the boys side Joey Angeloni went on to defeat Corey Charles in straight sets 4-0 4-0, he then defeated Joshua Jn Baptise 4-0 4-0. Aaron Gerald also had good results today defeating Joshua Jn Baptiste in straight sets 4-1 4-0.

Play continues today a the National Tennis Centre with round robin matches to determine spots in the main draw. We encourage the public to come out and support our athletes as they compete.