Denney Estava, Ahlil Cyril, Amia Jn Marie and Sanjay Lake seals first regional wins. 

We are excited to report that St Lucian athletes are attaining great results on the regional scene. There are six countries registered in the tournament and they are; Barbados, St. Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Vincent & the Grenadines and St. Lucia.


First on-court on Saturday in the U12 category was Amia Jn Marie who played Barbadian Gabriella Prince winning in straight sets 4-1 4-0. 

 We also had Immanuel Charles who played Trinidadian in the boys U12 Jace Leon losing in straight sets 4-1 4-0. Charles also lost his second match in straight sets 4-0 4-0 to  Oliver Harragin another player from Trinidad & Tobago. 

Sanjay Lake also put up a good fight in his first singles against Ammom Archer from Barbados losing in straight sets 4-2 4-2. He bounced back in second match defeating Shaul Alleyne from  Trinidad & Tobago in straight sets 4-0 4-0. 

Late arrival Ahlil Cyril who came straight off his flight with fire underneath his feet defeated Nathanael Lawrence from St. Vincent in straight sets 4-0 4-0. He then went on to defeat Adam King from  Barbados in a very close match 3-5 4-0 10-7. It was very inspiring to see Cyril fight for every point in the last set and the team cheering him on as he kept on pumping through point by point. His whole demeanor was that of a champion even when he was down in the tie break retaining an aura of dominance claiming the match. 

Andretti George had a difficult start losing his very first match on the regional scene to Zach King from Barbados 4-0 4-0. He was more settled in the second match still lost but gave a much better account of himself. He lost to  in straight sets 5-3 5-3. 

Denney Estava started after lunch not dropping a game in the match defeating Barbadian Player Travis Licorish 4-0 4-0. 

In the Under 14s all our boys had a late start first on Nathanael Charles losing in straight sets to Brian Harrichan from Trinidad & Tobago 4-1 4-0. Ishaan Sharma also lost to in straight sets to Danielson Lybert from St. Kitts & Nevis 4-1 4-1. Later on after lunch late arrival McCarvy Cyril lost in straight sets 4-1 4-2.

"This is a much higher level than what they are accustomed to at home and we are happy that the athletes are really committed to performing at their best in this tournament. It is a great experience for them, all we want is for them to appreciate this opportunity given to them and they receive it with both hands. The goal is that they come back being better at their game whether they win or lose" said Coach Scyla Murray as she accompanies the athletes to Barbados for the tournament.  

The athletes, parents and coaches wishes to thank all sponsors; The St. Lucia Electricity Services, The New India Assurance and the wider public for all the assistance given to the team to attend the tournament.