The St. Lucia Tennis Association has yet again hosted another successful tennis tournament as curtains came down on Saturday, day 6 of the Summer Slam Tennis Tournament 2020. 

Champions have been crowned as the best of the best have pulled through and claimed their titles at last week's Summer Slam Tennis Tournament.  The rankings will definitely be changing as we have had many unexpected results, major upsets for the top seeds and top ranked and much improvement from others. A new 12 and under girls champion has been crowned, Jaelyn Henry, she also captured the green ball 10 & title. New girl on the local Jessica Eudovic has claimed two single titles and one doubles. Sanjay Lake has won his first local title in the green ball category. Joey Angeloni the only player to win all matches played claimed the singles 18 & under title., Iyana Paul claimed the girls  18s singles. Nathanael Charles snatched both the boys 12s and 14s singles titles.

The final results are as follows;


Red Ball Girls Finalist- Merkisha Justin    Champion- Celia Brathwaite

Red Ball Boys- Finalist Kimari Felix Champion Immanuel Charles

Orange Ball Girls Finalist Samuella Bertrand Champion Hannah McNamara

Orange Ball Boys Finalist Denney Estava Champion Dante Joseph 

Green Ball Girls Finalist Amia Jn. Marie Champion Jaelyn Henry 

Green Ball Boys Finalist Mathew George  Champion Sanjay Lake

12 & Under Girls Finalist Amara Jn Marie  Champion Jaelyn Henry 

12 & Under Boys Finalist Soren Clairmonte   Champion Nathanael Charles 

14 & Under Girls Finalist Latoya Murray Champion Jessica Eudovic

14  & Under Boys Finalist Peter Murray Champion Nathanael Charles 

16  & Under Girls Finalst Iyana Paul  Champion Jessica Eudovic

16 & Under Boys Finalist Saige Charlemagne Champion Petterson George 

18 & Under Girls Finalist Alysa Elliott Champion Iyana Paul 

18 & Under Boys Finalist Petterson George Champion Joey Angeloni 


Green Ball Girls Finalists Samuella Bertrand and Amia Jn Marie   Champions Jordyn Bishamber and Jaelyn Henry 

Green Ball Boys Finalists Abbazeke Jules and Dante Joseph   Champions Sanjay Lake and Denney Estava

12 & Under Girls Finalists Jaelyn Henry and Shahelaer Jules   Champions Amia Jn Marie and Amara Jn Marie

12 & Under Boys Finalists Soren Clairmonte and Sanjay Lake  Champions Nathanael Charles and Peter Murray 

14  & Under Girls Finalists Amara Jn Marie and Natasha Charles  Champions Lotoya Murray and Amelia Rosemond

16 and Under Girls Finalists Lindy Amedee and Amelia Duval  Champions Iyana Paul ans Jessica Eudovic 


On behalf of the  St. Lucia Tennis Association we wish to express special thanks to the St. Lucia Olympic Committee for their full financial support towards the pulling off of this tournament. We also want to thank the St. Lucia Red Cross Society, media, officials, coaches, parents and players for all the assistance given to the tournament team in executing such a successful event.