"We do what we have to do, so we can do what we want to do" Cyril has surely delivered!!

Winning a regional tournament is the goal of all athletes before they transition to the international stage. With all preparation on and off-court done by Cyril he was determined not to leave Barbados empty handed. He came in with high expectations knowing that he had to step up his game in order to at least make the main draw then work even harder to attain his spot in the final and keep it together to bring the crown home. Cyril was unstoppable from day one not losing any matches in this tournament, he has surely made us all proud!

 Cyril is a grade six student of the Carmen Rene Memorial School preparing for the CPEA Examinations. Cyril excels both academically and in tennis as he has learned to balance his school work with his training. He is very determined to be great, fly our flag high and be an ambassador for his country. 

Cyril started tennis at the age of 6 years at the "Love for All Tennis Academy" in St. Vincent with Coach Keebajah King. When he moved over to St. Lucia he continued with Coach Vernon Lewis at the VL International Tennis Academy in Beausejour. He trains consistently being disciplined and committed to his training schedules. He is very passionate about playing and competing, Cyril also has the qualities of a good leader as he wants the same for his colleagues. The last regional title captured by St. Lucians were Maxx Williams and Aiden Bousquet five years ago, Cyril has revived our status and placed St. Lucia back on the map.

 Cyril has been on the other side of the draw not winning any matches at regional tournaments learning and making his necessary adjustments to schedules, training and putting in the extra work. We congratulate this young champion and wish him many more championship titles in the future.