Major upset for #1 ranked U12 player Amara Jn Marie yesterday as Jaelyn Henry secured her spot in the main draw defeating Jn Marie in straight sets.

Play continued yesterday at the National Tennis Centre day 2 of the Summer Slam Tennis Tournament. The competition is still in its round robin phase with the participants trying to secure their spots in the main draws of the different categories. 

Jaelyn Henry
Jaelyn Henry

In the girls under 12s Jaelyn Henry has secured her spot in the main draw and at the top of group 1 as she defeated Amara Jn Marie #1 ranked player in straight sets 4-2 4-1. This is Henry's first time playing in this category and she has outdone all her opponents thus far as she vies  for the title.  Henry also defeated Samuellla Bertrand 6-0 in the girls green ball U10 category. 

In other U12 matches, we saw Amia Jn Marie advancing to the main draw with ease after she defeated Jordyn Bishamber 5-3 4-1. Nathanael Charles defeated Ishan Patra in straight sets 4-0 4-0, Charles is at the top of his group as he advances to the main draw.

Sanjay Lake
Sanjay Lake

Sanjay Lake also took on Soren Clairmonte defeating Clairmonte in a very close match with the players splitting sets, Claimonte swiftly won the first set 4-0 without giving Lake an opportunity to win a game. In the second set Lake was able to pull it together winning 4-2, Lake being the adept player that he is, was able to win the match in the super tie break 10-5. Lake also defeated Dante Joseph 6-1 in the Boys Green Ball U10 category. 

The second round of matches played was the Under 14s boys and girls, Peter Murray defeated K-Zahn Elwin in straight sets 4-2 5-4, Elwin was very competitive and challenged Murray the entire match. Shahealer Jules was able to secure her sport in the main draw after losing to Latoya Murray earlier in the tournament Jules knew she had to win against Eridania McVane to advance. Jules won the first set quickly 4-0, McVane was able to make her come back and win the second set 4-2. Jules won the third set 4-2 and was declared winner by chair umpire Ricardo Francois. In other 14s matches played Jessica Eudovic defeated  Amara Jn Marie placing her at the top of group, the final score was 4-1 4-1.  Latoya Murray defeated shahealer Jules in straight sets 4-0 4-1.

The older players in the U16 and U18 category took to the courts in the afternoon with #1 ranked player in the U18 boys Joey Angeloni defeated Petterson George in straight sets 4-2 4-2. Angeloni also went on to defeat Jivan Joseph 4-0 4-0. Arden Rosemond defeated Aaron Gerald in straight sets 4-2 5-3. Rosemond also went on to defeat Nathan Elliott in three sets all with the same scores 4-1 1-4 4-1. 

In the Under 16 category Jorja Mederick defeated Latoya Murray 4-0 4-0, Mederick although losing to Alysa Elliott earlier this week was still able to secure her main draw spot after defeating  Emma Duval later on.  The final score versus Duval was 4-0 4-0. Iyana Paul defeated Amelia Rosemond making her number one in her RR group, into the semi-final she goes to face Mederick for a spot in the final. In other 16s matches Amelia Rosemond defeated Lindy Amedee in straight sets 4-1 4-1. 

The St, Lucia Tennis Association thanks the public for supporting the participants and our sponsors St. Lucia Olympic Committee and partners Officials, Parents Committee and Coaches for making this event possible.