The National Tennis Centre came to life yesterday with exciting first round matches from all top seeds in the draws of the Summer Slam Tennis Tournament 2020. 

 Amia Jn Marie breezed through Samuella Bertrand 6-0, Jaelyn Henry made light work of Jordyn Bishamber defeating her 6-1, Sanjay Lake got the best of Mathew George defeating him 6-3 and Dante Joseph was also victorious defeating Reggie weeks 6-3. 

Sanjay Lake
Sanjay Lake

In the second round of matches we saw some outstanding performances from the under 12s and under 14s as Jessica Eudovic defeated Amelia Rosemond in straight sets 4-0 4-1, Iyana Paul from the Blanchard's Tennis Academy former finalist in the Independence Tennis Tournament and currently the Junior Sports Woman of the year in Tennis made light work of Lindy Amedee defeating her in straight sets 4-0 4-0. We also saw Peter Murray taking on Ishan Patra defeating Patra in straight sets 4-1 4-0. Amara Jn Marie defeated Shahealer Jules in straight sets 4-0 4-1, Eridania McVane had the same fate against Latoya Murray losing in straight sets 4-0 4-1.

The boys under 10s went back on court in the afternoon, in their second match for the day, we saw Reggie Weeks succumbing to Sanjay Lake without winning a single game, Lake defeated Weeks 6-0. Jordyn Bishamber defeated Samuella Bertrand 6-3, Mathew George also had a great set against Dante Joseph as Joseph was unable to win a single game in the match. George won 6-0. Aiden Rosemond defeated Denney Estava 6-4.

Amara Jn Marie
Amara Jn Marie

Final matches of the day were our local giants Iyana Paul, Alysa Elliott, Jorja Mederick, Petterson George, Nathan Elliott, Aaron Gerald and Jessica Eudovic. 

 Iyana Paul defeated Jessica Eudovic in a very competitive 3 setter, with Paul winning the first set 4-2, Eudovic was very persistent and determined as she had to save two match points in the second set going on to win it 5-3.  Paul then swiftly ended the match winning the third set 4-0. Alysa Elliott champion of the National Independence Tournament U14, U16 & Womens Open continued on her winning streak first taking on Jorja Mederick defeating her in straight sets 4-0 4-1. She then quickly dealt with Latoya Murray defeating her with the same score 4-1 4-0. Petterson George former champion of the u16 Boys at the Independence Tennis Tournament defeated Nathan Elliott in straight sets 4-2 4-2, George also defeated Jivan Joseph in straight  sets 4-0 4-0. 

Match of the day was under 16s players Nathan Elliott versus Aaron Gerald. This is the longest 3 setter match recorded so far with Elliott ranked #6 and Gerald ranked #3 spent nearly 3 hours on court battling it out in the mid day sun. Elliott was victorious over Gerald after losing the first set 2-4 came back and won the second 4-2 and the third with the same score 4-2. 

Play continued today at the National Tennis Centre as the players finished the round robin phase of the competition, We invite the public to come in and support our juniors admission is free.