Jaelyn Henry
Jaelyn Henry

Jaelyn Henry captures the green ball title

The finalist of this year's Independence Tournament has rightfully claimed her crown after hard work and dedication this week. Jaelyn Henry student of the Blanchard's Tennis Academy coached by Earl, Ron & Ronel Blanchard and a current student at the Carmen Rene Memorial School is our new 10 & under Green Ball Champion. 

 Falling to the racket of Henry was first, Jordyn Bishamber 6-1 then Samuella Bertrand 6-0. 

Being tied with Amia Jn. Marie both with two wins in the RR group were to compete for the first  place position and championship trophy.  Jn Marie a hard hitter and a very vigorous athlete was focused only one thing today, the championship but, Henry snatched it away. 

Play started with Henry winning the toss and deciding to serve, the two were head to head from start until Henry broke Jn Marie and with an important hold of service she went up 3-2. Jn Marie never gave up, she continued to pressure Henry who was all for the challenge as Henry continued dominating through out the set. She secured her title winning the match 6-3.

Congratulations Jaelyn. 

Thank you to all participants in the green ball, keep striving for excellence.