Maxx Wiliam, Jordan Hunte, Alysa Elliott and Jorja Mederick gave a remarkable account of themselves representing St. Lucia at the SR4 U16 Mixed Team Championship in Trinidad. Two teams were registered for the event team 1 William and Mederick and team 2 Hunte and Elliott. 

Team 1 had a tough run in the round robin phase of competition losing to Suriname 2-1 and Trinidad T1 3-0. They weren't able to make the main draw but played for positions 6, 7 & 8 defeating Antigua 3-0  and after dropping the ball to Suriname 3-0. They placed 8th overall. 

The tournament was at high standards with a our boys matching up to the rest of the region in competitive matches. Team 2 was able to secure a spot in the main draw after defeating Antigua 3-0 and Trinidad T2 2-1. In the semi-final they played Trinidad 1 losing 3-0. Because of injuries they weren't able to play for position 3 placing them in the 4th spot.