What should have been the Inaugural Jounen Kweyol Tennis Tournament in 2020 has now served off on Saturday 16th January at the St. Lucia National Tennis Centre. 

The u10 green ball elite served off the tournament with their first round matches in the green ball category. Andretti George, Denney Estava and Sanjay Lake top seeds in the draw breezed through to the main draw as they were undefeated in the round robin phase of the competition.  We saw Sanjay Lake defeating Jordyn Bishamber 6-2, we also saw Andretti George defeating Reggie Weeks 6-2, he also went on to defeat Azari Francois 6-0. Denney Estava got the best of Aidan Rosemond 6-3, he later defeated Makkedah Charles 6-1. The green ball played their second round of matches where Azari Francois went head to head with Samuella Bertrand getting the best of Bertrand 6-3. Aidan Rosemond went on to defeat Immanuel Charles 6-2.

In the under 14s category Iyana Paul took on Amia Jn Marie on centre court dismissing her in straight sets 4-1 4-0. In the other U14 matches played Amara Jn Marie defeated Latoya Murray in straight sets 4-2 5-4 she later on went on to defeat Rene Morgan in straight sets 4-0 4-1. Natasha Charles defeated Rene Morgan in straight sets 4-0 4-2. In the boys category we saw Nathanael Charles dismissing Xhan Riviere in straight sets 4-0 4-1, Sanjay Lake later took on Riviere who lost in three sets 4-2 2-4 10-8.

The local giants had their turn later in the afternoon first on to exercise the former champion of the Independence Tennis Tournament started Joey Angeloni dismissing S. Patra in straight sets 6-0 6-0 with only 5 points going to Patra. Angeloni also went on to defeat Brandon Eugene in straight sets 6-0 6-1. Angeloni breezed to the main draw where the top performers from the four groups will compete for the championship.

In the other ROUND Robin groups Petterson George defeated Nicholas St. John in straight sets 6-2 6-1 he then went on to defeat Reep Bishamber 6-0 6-1. St. John also defeated Bishamber in straight sets 6-2 6-3. St. John and George will be advancing to the main draw. In group three Arden Rosemond secured his spot at the top of the table defeating the top seed in the men's' draw Ricardo Francois in straight sets 6-3 7-5, he then went on to defeat Thaddeus Emile 6-4 7-5. Rosemond and Francois will be advancing to the main draw.

Group four we saw Mirajkhar Tushar defeating Randolph Rosemond in straight sets, he then went on to defeat Gregory Cooper in straight sets 6-2 6-2, he for sure has secured a main draw spot but his position in the group however will be decided tomorrow after he plays Ajaunie Scott, Scott is the other main draw player in this group. Scott defeated Gregory Cooper in straight sets 6-1 6-0, he then defeated Randolph Rosemond in straight sets.

The ladies draw is also very competitive with the former champion of the National Independence Tournament Alysa Elliott defeating Jorja Mederick in straight sets 6-4 6-4, Elliott also went on to defeat Diana Stanislas in straight sets 6-1 6-0, she will be playing Latoya Murray in the to decide her position in the group, based on her stats she for sure has secured her main draw spot. Jorja Mederick played Latoya Murray defeating her in straight sets 6-3 6-0.

In group 2 Scyla Murray got the best of Amelia Rosemond in straight sets 6-0 6-3 she then defetaed Iesha Emile in straight sets 6-3 6-3. Emile went on to defeat Iyana Paul in straight sets 6-2 6-4.

Matches continue at the St. Lucia National Tennis Centre this week with the adults playing and the juniors will be continuing on the weekend. Because of the current pandemic only players and coaches are allowed to be at the tennis centre.